• Important Update: New Email Addresses
  • Effective October 15th, we have made changes to our email addresses. This change streamlines our communication channels to ensure consistency and allows our global TriMas Packaging team to work together even more effectively to better service our customers.

    Please note: Only our email address is changing. Our business name and legal entity remain the same.

    New Email Addresses: Our email addresses have been updated to to better reflect our brand and improve communication. Please update your records accordingly.


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  • September 2022 – FDA Certificate
  • Once again this year, Affaba & Ferrari underwent the scrupulous FDA audit to ensure high quality levels to our Customers.

    With pleasure we inform you that we have passed it brilliantly.

    What makes us truly proud is the particular commendation that the auditor gave us. We have also been rewarded for our passion for our Company and our work, which often translates into excellent results; for the family and inclusive environment we have created; for the proven skills that allow us to work efficiently without wasting time.

  • August 2022 – Affaba & Ferrari® awarded the EcoVadis Gold rating for its sustainability efforts
  • August 2022: For the fifth consecutive year, Affaba & Ferrari, a TriMas Packaging brand, was honored with the coveted Gold rating for its sustainability efforts by EcoVadis, a world-leading independent provider of business sustainability ratings. The manufacturer of precision closures for the food & beverage industry and industrial product applications now ranks among the top five percent of all companies assessed by EcoVadis.

    The award acknowledges Affaba & Ferrari’s accomplishments in terms of responsible, sustainable business practices, including environmental protection through energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, waste and production inefficiencies. EcoVadis also recognized the company’s activities focused on employee wellbeing through a healthy, productive, and diverse and inclusive workplace, as well as Affaba & Ferrari’s emphasis on social responsibility. The rating also took into account the company’s significant reduction in plastics by producing more sustainable products.

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  • Coca Cola’s FuzeTea
  • “Affaba and Ferrari have teamed up with Coca-Cola by introducing and supplying the ‘Tethered Caps”, starting with FUZE TEA.

    This is an important innovation that anticipates, by two years, the provisions contained in the EU directive on the closures of plastic packaging for beverages, with the aim that each cap is recycled together with the bottle, to reduce the dispersion and the impact of plastic on the ‘environment.

    The new caps have an innovative design, the result of intense research and development work to guarantee an optimal experience for the consumer while maintaining the usual opening system: the cap is connected to the tamper evident ring by a tab that ensures a perfect position opening and, at the same time, ensures that it cannot be separated from the bottle.

    This is an incredible achievement and a great accomplishment from everyone and a huge step in the right direction for our new tethered caps!”

  • New lightweight light barrier cap
  • January 2022

    Affaba & Ferrari has developed an important project for Parmalat which involves both the lightening of the closure and meets the requirements of the Directive EU 2019/904 for the tethered caps starting from 2024.

    The new lightweight light barrier cap – with a significant weight reduction from 3,3 gr to 2,8 gr – is suitable for aseptic filling lines.

    It is applied on the new PET 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter bottles for UHT milk.

    This is a great achievement reconfirm our commitment to responsible business activity and sustainable solutions.

  • BRC Certificate
  • SEPTEMBER 2021

    As you well know, Affaba & Ferrari undertakes to supply products that meet the quality standards required by the major certification entities.

    We have the pleasure to inform you that we renewed the BRC certification and, even this year, we have achieved the AA grade!

  • Acqua Sant’Anna
  • What it is. New “tethered” flip top closure for still water, soft drinks and juices : 2-pc closure, suitable to the next generation, lightweight 26/22mm neck finish. The weight of the cap/neck finish assembly is 36% reduced, compared to the previous solution. The closure has an easy and intuitive opening system, and visible tamper evidence. Once the closure is screwed on the neck finish, the force required to remove it from the bottle is more than 12 Kg. The indications given by the EU direction are 2,5 – 3 kg.
    Technology. The two components are produced by injection moulding technology. The shell is made of PP, the internal spout is made of HDPE. Assembly is made automatically, and quality is controlled by a camera control system.

    Sustainability. The closure complies to art.6 of EU direction 2019/904 (the cap must stay attached to the bottle throughout its life cycle). The project allows for a dramatic reduction of the use of plastics. 36% reduction of cap/neck finish weight in comparison with the previous solution.

  • FDA Certificate
  • August 2020

    We obtained the first FDA certification in 2018.

    Due to the inability to travel, last November we carried out an online audit to extend the validity of the certificate. The current certificate is valid until May 2022, other extensions will certainly follow until it will be possible for the auditor to visit us in the coming months.

  • ISO Certificate
  • November 2019

    We obtained the first ISO certification in 2010 and from that moment we have continued to renew it.

  • 38mm A&F – 3th Generation
  • It is the third generation of closures that we realize on the neck finish Affaba Ferrari 38 mm 3 start.
    We have collected previous experiences and realized this capsule that combines the traditional ease of packaging with high performance seal, as well as an improved venting that gives ample guarantees of inviolability and a device in the internal profile of the thread that allows the degassing of the product in case of deterioration, necessary for the safety of users.

    There is an extraordinary common thread on this product line that we are pleased to share with you.
    The first productions of these capsules were made in 1998 for Parmalat who wanted to replicate in plastic the old traditional glass bottle after many years of exclusive use of containers in paper/PE.
    Well, most of the same customers that Affaba Ferrari supplied with aluminum seals for glass bottles in the early 50’s are now our important customers with a bottle very similar in shape and aesthetics to those of the past, but functional to the modern distribution organized, today in plastic, still with AF closures.

  • Sport Cap Ferrero
  • This new closure has been designed with characteristics determined by the type of beverage and the existing packaging facilities of this important company.
    The drink, intended for children, has required our attention to safety and aesthetics particularly appealing, as well as functional use.
    In addition, the packaging plant already in use, required a closure that could be sterilized in line with acetic acid, while ensuring treatment residues close to zero.

  • Closure for Extemporary Products
  • This project aims to respond to those drinks that by their characteristics must be associated only at the time of administration to ensure their effectiveness and preservation.
    This project allows to mix a powder part with a liquid part through a simple operation of the opening of the closure.
    The closure, aesthetically pleasing and customizable, has tamper evident both on the powder container and on the base to ensure the inviolability of the content and a special induction liner ensures the separation of the liquid from the powder with excellent results considering the hygroscopicity of these products.

  • May 2021 – Affaba & Ferrari achieves Ecovadis Gold for Commitment to Sustainability
  • Affaba & Ferrari has achieved the Gold Rating by EcoVadis, a leading independent provider of business sustainability ratings. Less than 10% of evaluated companies meet the qualifications for a Gold Rating by EcoVadis’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ranking.

    Corporate social responsibility is an important starting point to deliver competitive advantages in our industry. Affaba & Ferrari, part of the TriMas Packaging group, focuses on not only delivering superior customer and consumer satisfaction, but also on committing to sustainable best practices. Responsible actions and sustainable solutions play an essential role at Affaba & Ferrari and TriMas Packaging.

    “The sustainability journey is a collaborative process, involving all stakeholders of our organization, from employees to communities to customers to suppliers,” said Fabio Salik, President of TriMas Packaging. “We are extremely proud of our efforts and results to date and look forward to furthering our progress and continuous improvement.”

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  • Civic merit 2018
  • In the patron saint’s day in 2018, the municipality of Borgo San Giovanni – where Affaba & Ferrari is located – rewarded us for the interest, social and civil commitment and involvement in the community.

    This important recognition, “Il Gelso d’Oro”, has stimulated us to continue to commit ourselves to a bigger project, the one we have believed in for many years: Sustainability.

    In fact, from our experience, sustainable development in terms of Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability is undoubtedly a key element for continuous growth.

  • Oscar dell’imballaggio 2004
  • In May 2004, the award ceremony of the forty-seventh edition of the Packaging Oscar was held –  organized by the Italian Packaging Institute with the participation of Conai.

    We were awarded for the “Packaging for chemical products section” for the study and development of the first bottle for lubricating oil entirely in PET, therefore easily recyclable.

  • New Generation Aseptic 2
  • January 2011

    After the success achieved with the aseptic sports cap line which allowed the elimination of aluminum foil ensuring comparable sealing performance, Affaba and Ferrari has realized a new range of closures called aseptic 2 with the aim to emphasize a continuity with the important experiences gained in this field.
    The industrialization of these new closures has been realized simplifying our production process and this guarantees us a better qualitative constancy, an important detail if we consider that these closures are normally used in complicated aseptic plants with very high productivity.
    This new series of closures, moreover, guarantees better sealing performance both at internal pressure and in depression.
    Finally, we improved the flow of the conditioned product by about 15%. This was required by customers to make more pleasant the intake of products equipped with these closing devices.
    The closure line is available on the neck finish 28 mm 1810, 28 mm 1881 and 38 mm 3 start.

  • 38mm Aseptic2 – Anti-choking sport cap
  • October 2009

    We released the second version of our 38mm sport cap, developed in collaboration with and according to the requiments of Britvic UK, for the launch of a new drink for children.

    The new closure has excellent pressure tighness characteristics, a higher flow rate in respect to the previous one and it as also equipped with an anti-choking overcap for child safety

  • Innovation Award
  • December 2009It is an important award that we received for the program we have started a few years ago, where we tried to combine sustainability with the working environment.
    These interventions have led to significant energy savings thanks to the use of innovative production lines and materials, heated spaces through the use of heat from the moulding lines that would otherwise be lost.
    The choice of large windows in the production departments also allows us to take advantage of natural light for a longer time, this also resulting in energy savings.
    The first beneficiaries of these changes are our employees who have the opportunity to work daily in a comfortable environment for the wide light and temperatures in the factory, which, in addition to being obviously heated in colder periods, are conditioned in the summer in the departments generally warmer for the presence of machines working at high temperatures.

  • Life in Company
  • June 2009

    The company celebrated its 60th anniversary.

    It was in fact June 1949 when Rosanna Affaba, just twenty years old, founded the company and began to produce aluminum closures.
    There was a big party with all the employees and their families to celebrate this anniversary, in addition to the 80th birthday of Rosanna and the stay in the company of some historic employees with 20 and 30 years of service.