• May 2021 – Affaba & Ferrari achieves Ecovadis Gold for Commitment to Sustainability
  • Affaba & Ferrari has achieved the Gold Rating by EcoVadis, a leading independent provider of business sustainability ratings. Less than 10% of evaluated companies meet the qualifications for a Gold Rating by EcoVadis’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ranking.

    Corporate social responsibility is an important starting point to deliver competitive advantages in our industry. Affaba & Ferrari, part of the TriMas Packaging group, focuses on not only delivering superior customer and consumer satisfaction, but also on committing to sustainable best practices. Responsible actions and sustainable solutions play an essential role at Affaba & Ferrari and TriMas Packaging.

    “The sustainability journey is a collaborative process, involving all stakeholders of our organization, from employees to communities to customers to suppliers,” said Fabio Salik, President of TriMas Packaging. “We are extremely proud of our efforts and results to date and look forward to furthering our progress and continuous improvement.”

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  • BRC Certificate
  • September 2020

    Even this year we have achieved the AA Grade.

  • FDA Certificate
  • August 2020

    We obtained the first FDA certification in 2018.

    Due to the inability to travel, last November we carried out an online audit to extend the validity of the certificate. The current certificate is valid until August 2021, other extensions will certainly follow until it will be possible for the auditor to visit us in the coming months.

  • ISO Certificate
  • November 2019

    We obtained the first ISO certification in 2010 and from that moment we have continued to renew it.

  • Civic merit 2018
  • In the patron saint’s day in 2018, the municipality of Borgo San Giovanni – where Affaba & Ferrari is located – rewarded us for the interest, social and civil commitment and involvement in the community.

    This important recognition, “Il Gelso d’Oro”, has stimulated us to continue to commit ourselves to a bigger project, the one we have believed in for many years: Sustainability.

    In fact, from our experience, sustainable development in terms of Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability is undoubtedly a key element for continuous growth.

  • Oscar dell’imballaggio 2004
  • In May 2004, the award ceremony of the forty-seventh edition of the Packaging Oscar was held –  organized by the Italian Packaging Institute with the participation of Conai.

    We were awarded for the “Packaging for chemical products section” for the study and development of the first bottle for lubricating oil entirely in PET, therefore easily recyclable.

  • Innovation Award
  • December 2009It is an important award that we received for the program we have started a few years ago, where we tried to combine sustainability with the working environment.
    These interventions have led to significant energy savings thanks to the use of innovative production lines and materials, heated spaces through the use of heat from the moulding lines that would otherwise be lost.
    The choice of large windows in the production departments also allows us to take advantage of natural light for a longer time, this also resulting in energy savings.
    The first beneficiaries of these changes are our employees who have the opportunity to work daily in a comfortable environment for the wide light and temperatures in the factory, which, in addition to being obviously heated in colder periods, are conditioned in the summer in the departments generally warmer for the presence of machines working at high temperatures.

  • Life in Company
  • June 2009

    The company celebrated its 60th anniversary.

    It was in fact June 1949 when Rosanna Affaba, just twenty years old, founded the company and began to produce aluminum closures.
    There was a big party with all the employees and their families to celebrate this anniversary, in addition to the 80th birthday of Rosanna and the stay in the company of some historic employees with 20 and 30 years of service.